Leadership at Its Finest: The Complete Package

Leadership at Its Finest: The Complete Package


Course Overview

A comprehensive, summit with a four-course meal integrating business and dining etiquette:
          1) The Competitive Advantage: Distinguished Dining
         2) The Competitive Advantage: Business Etiquette

  • Have you ever wondered which water glass or bread plate was yours or what to do if yours is taken?
  • Do you feel intimidated or anxious when entering a room and you don't know a single person?
  • Do you ever wonder how to enter or exit a conversation more smoothly or how to spark an
    interesting discussion?
  • Do you wonder if your interviewing skills are impressive enough to secure the job?  

If you answered "yes", then this leadership training is for you. Participants will become more confident as they learn about "soft" skills and how to use them to develop business and social relationships. You’ll never be told that someone didn’t like your attitude or interpersonal skills after an interview or business deal. This course will provide you with the tools so this is never a worry.

The length of time for this training session may be adjusted to meet client preferences.

Course Highlights:

  • The Benefits of Etiquette & Protocol Intelligence
  • Working a Room with a Plan
  • Personal Branding: Brand Yourself or Be Branded
  • Professional Attire & Image
  • Networking for Results: Using Social
    Media & Leveraging Relationships
  • "Netiquette" - Social Media, E-mails and Electronic Devices
  • Master the Interview
  • Remembering Names
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Brilliant Communication: The Art of Conversation & Listening
  • RSVPs & Invitations...Where Impressions Begin
  • Host & Guests Duties
  • Styles of Dining: American, European/Continental & Asian Dining
  • Toasting & Tipping with Style
  • Thank You Etiquette
  • And much more

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